Some terrible news, as Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater is reportedly going to miss the 2017 season, according to the Bleacher Report's Jason Cole.

It is tough news for Bridgewater, as he missed all of last season after a horrific, freak knee injury during practice in the preseason.

Bridgewater showed a ton of promise his first two seasons in the league, and 2016 was suppose to be his breakout year. This injury has put a huge roadblock in front of him. He is also in the final year of his rookie contract, which means the Vikings will have to renegotiation his contract after this season.

That is of course, if the Vikings don't pick up his 5th-year option, which doesn't make much sense for a team to do for a quarterback that hasn't played a down for two seasons.

The Vikings traded a first-round pick for Sam Bradford, and that trade might be the move that keeps the Vikings from another decade of inept quarterback play.

As a Vikings fan, this hurts. He was not only a solid quarterback, but he is a great person. I also hate to hear news like this. Hopefully he is able to rejoin the team in 2018. He is a great role model for kids, and has a personality that just lights up the room. Sad stuff, folks.

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