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Spring Valley, MN (KROC AM News) - A change is coming to a busy intersection in Spring Valley that has a history of traffic crashes. 

The Minnesota Dept. of Transportation is planning to install a four-way stop at the intersection of Highways 16 and 63.

The intersection includes Hwy 63/16 to the west, Fillmore County Road 1 to the north, Hwy 16 to the east and Hwy 63 to the south.

MDOT says the project will include stop signs and flashing LED lights around the signs. Work on the project is expected to begin the week of Oct. 12th.

The change is expected to be an interim solution to the traffic problems at the site and will be in effect until “MnDOT determines an appropriate long-term approach to this intersection.” Each road will have a 48-inch flashing LED stop sign requiring everyone at the intersection to stop before proceeding through the intersection.

MnDOT says an engineering study found that the amount and type of crashes (right-angle) met the criteria to implement an all-way stop. Among the crash reports reviewed, several crashes involved the driver mistakenly assuming the other driver was required to stop.

MnDOT says this change should improve safety because it will provide a consistent expectation for all drivers to stop.


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